No Power


Computer Won't Start

Let's first define the term "Won't Start"

This means that your computer does not do anything when you turn it on. No fan noise, no beeps, no lights.



More often than not...this means that your computer has no power because the computer is not plugged in, the power strip/surge protector is not plugged in or your power supply is blown

If everything is plugged in correctly and all the switches are ON - then chances are your power supply needs to be replaced. It's fried.

Symptoms of a bad power supply are:

  • Your computer intermittently turns off without warning
  • Your computer does not start the first time you push the power button (requires multiple 'pushes' to fire-up)
  • You smell a sour electrical odor
  • Computer lights up but nothing happens (no beeps and no display)

    A bad power supply can cause your computer to do strange and inexplicable things. It may light up, you may hear fan noise but the computer still won't boot into the operating system. It may boot into the operating system but shuts down as soon as you try to play a CD.

    Power problems can sometimes mimic overheating problems so have your power supply tested before buying a new one.

    A quality power supply costs about $60.00+ and is relatively easy to install if you're handy with a phillips screwdriver.



Now for the bad news...

If your power supply is good then you might have a bad CPU (Processor) or a cooked motherboard. If your motherboard is fried then your CPU, memory and other components may be damaged too.

Time to call for help.