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Spyware Prevention, Detection and Removal

Following the recommendations below and useing discretion when surfing the Internet means that you won't be calling very often to have Omega Gauge fix your computer.

Free Spyware Scanners

Be careful before using free spyware scanners. There are only a handful of legitimate scanners out there. Do some research on the title/name of the scanner in Google before using it.

Be suspicious if you suddenly have a new spyware or antivirus scanner that you didn't ask for. Reputable software companies don't install their software on your computer without your permission. These mysteriously appearing scanners are almost always scams designed to make you think that your computer is infected. These free scanners don't die easy and frequently install other malicious programs in the background.



Don't Use Internet Explorer - Use Mozilla Firefox as your default Web Browser. It's faster, safer and it's FREE


Download and Install an antivirus and keep it updated. These won't stop everything but they defeat the most common spyware threats.

AVG Antivirus



Use Open DNS

Use OpenDNS


Detection and Removal

Download and Install the following. Update them before you run a scan: (Free for personal use)


AdAware Spyware Scanner

Run at least two separate Spyware detection programs. One will catch stuff that the other did not recognize.