No Power



Norton or McAfee Anti Virus

These products work but they are resource hogs. Replace with Grisoft AVG Anti Virus and see how much faster your computer runs. AVG works great and it's half the price you pay for Norton or McAfee. They even have a free version for personal use.


America On Line

If you're not using AOL then you should uninstall everything related to it. Typical AOL installations eat tons of memory and CPU power; even when you're not on line.

If you're using AOL in addition to high speed Internet service (Comcast, Qwest DSL)...Keep the high speed Internet and dump AOL. You're paying AOL for a "connection" to the Internet that Comcast/Qwest is already providing.


Kill Unwanted Start Up Processes

Be careful here! If you don't know what something is, Google it before you kill it.

Click on START and then click on RUN

Type MSCONFIG in the prompt and click on OK

Select the STARTUP tab

Uncheck the box next to any program that you want to kill the next time windows starts.